Prevent Termites From Destroying Your Home

Unsure if you have termites? Let Complete Pest Control, Inc. inspect your home to be certain, and avoid costly repairs from subterranean and swarming termites. We are trained to spot these little destroyers even if you can’t, and treat them right away with quality Termidor.

Protection plans are available for our termite treatment customers.

Expert termite professionals to protect your home!

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Services Offered for Your Termite Problems

  • Termidor
  • Termite inspection
  • Termite protection plans
  • Protection for your home
  • Pre-construction treatments, including Soil treatments and Green Bora-care Treatments

Keeping Your Home Safe From Termites

Complete Pest Control provides quality services in removing termites from your property to prevent any expensive damages.

We protect your home by conducting thorough inspections, and providing treatments all year long for your peace of mind. Call our expert exterminators and ask about our termite protection plans to ensure your home won’t be infested.