Norman Bed Bug Heat Treatment

If your home or commercial building is grappling with a bed bug problem, Complete Pest Control is ready to show you how effective our Norman bed bug heat treatment can be.

You don’t have to fill your home or building up with toxic chemicals to get rid of these persistent pests — all you have to do is turn the heat up on them. As your Norman bed bug exterminator, we use thermal means of getting rid of both adult bed bugs and their eggs.

We also implement EPA-approved, green solutions to make sure that your bed bug infestation does not come back.

Our approach to bed bug removal in Norman OK

Heat treatment is a relatively newer innovation in pest control. Bed bugs have proven to be resilient against many traditional forms of pest control. However, they are unable to escape our bed bug heat treatment in Norman OK, which elevates the temperature in your home or building to fatal levels (roughly 170 degrees) for a prolonged period of time in order to kill bed bugs off.

The heat will reach all corners and crevices of your home or building for complete Norman bed bug removal. We’re so confident in the effectiveness of our service that we protect it with a warranty.

Our Norman bed bug heat treatment vs. DIY methods

As a long-time Norman bed bug exterminator, our team encourages even determined homeowners to avoid trying to manage a bed bug problem on their own. These are incredibly stubborn pests. You may end up spending significant money on supplies while failing to eliminate the problem.

There are a variety of over-the-counter products that promise results, but your only surefire avenue for success is working with a qualified, proven bed bug exterminator in Norman OK.

Complete Pest Control can administer a careful inspection of your home or building and provide you with an estimate for our Norman bed bug heat treatment. Connect with our team right now to set up your appointment.